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Lego Board Game Minotaurus

This lego board game minotaurus temple is the perfect way to keep your minotaurus under control while you lead your team to victory! Players take on turns and build new strategies to defeat their opponents. The next stage is just around the corner, and we need to get ready for the big show!

Lego Board Game Minotaurus Ebay

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Lego Board Game Minotaurus Amazon

This lego game minotaurus is a great way to have a little bit of fun with you and the animals you can build with! Play the game and use your builders skills to build this minotaurus like never before! this is an incomplete brick game based on the legominotaurus from the movie minotaurus. In this game, you are a minotaurus that has had his physical body erected from a physical card. Each turn, you are in a battle against another minotaurus that has created a card with your name and other personal information. Can you win the battle against them before they can create their own card with your information? this lego board game is a must-have for any minotaurus enthusiast! Players build, fight and protect their territory against other collectors of the minotaurus. The game is easy to learn but provides hours of excitement and strategy gaming. the ninjago board game is back and this time it's in minotaurus form! You must combat each other in a bidding war for the right to take over the world, but first you must protect your village from the savages. 2 player game, up to 8 players, 1 hour play time.