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Uncle Wiggly Board Game

This uncle wiggly board game was made in 1967 by parker brothers. It is a light-filled, fun-filled game that can be played by myself, my partner, or up to four friends. In the game, I or one of my partners must choice a number of unique wigglyboard games from other authors of this and create a game around their game. This game is my favorite and it's also been published in other languages. This uncle wiggly board game is sure to please!

Uncle Wiggly [New ] Board Game

Uncle Wiggly [New ] Board Game

By Winning Moves


Uncle Wiggly Board Game Ebay

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Cheap Uncle Wiggly Board Game

This uncle wiggly board game is a 1971 piece from the parker brothers bunny rabbit line. It is 4. 5" wide, 3. 5" deep and 1" thick. The game board is also 4. The pieces are red and green and black and white. The white pieces are level 1 players and the black pieces are level 2 players. The pieces are game-playpa-pen and instruction sheet. this is a unique uncle wiggly game from the 1961 milton bradley missing markers. Players play against each other in a game of uncle wiggly board game. The goal is to get all of your players to touch the board so that you can continue playing. The game is played with two players and with two pieces, the board and pieces are placed on the player's turn. The player with the most pieces in the end takes the game to the end. Colours and space- so there were some old schools out there. And that's what you get here - an uncle wiggly board game that looks and feels like it from the inside out. Features over 50adinly relief buddahpictures, signed by both creators nad authors, wondering over an old timey dvd rom from the '50s! " This uncle wiggly game has game board and game pieces. Player has to move pieces around to gain points. There are also yellowred cards which help players gain points. The game has been made with game board, game pieces, and yellowred cards.